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A letter from Knut O

Hello Dennis,

That was that back of mine....
As you know I`m not the type that believed in healing very much. Don`t beleive in things I do not understand. But as my father said: It`s more between heaven and earth than in other places.

My situation in Malmo that time was totally caotic, I could not walk, not sit down nor lie down.
I had taken painkillers to be able to drive down there(9 hours drive) but I had no idea how to get back home with the horses.

What happened then was for me unbelievable. The pain disapeared nearly totally, strait away. And during the day they it disapeared completly.

It has not come back either.

How long time you used giving me healing I have no idea. Time and place did not exist for me but something happened. What happened I don`t know but noticed the fact the pain was gone.

If something like that happens to me again, I`ll certainly come to you again.

Thanks once more.

Knut O