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  Dennis Holmberg  

My background


- Born in 1941 in Sweden
- Always facinated by horses
- Started riding in 1954
- Riding in sports
- Got into racing 1966
- Training racehorses in Norway 1973- 1987
- Psysiotherapheut on horses (Equinetherapist)
- 1991 Started on my spiritual path which include a number of healing courses in "The Body Mirror System" and going to events of Shakti Gawain, SriSri Ravi Shankar, Neale  Donald Walsh, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling and many more
- Working as a healer during 1990ies`of both humans and animals
- Putting up events such as " Learn to heal", "Healing and horsemanship", "Telepati and horsemanship"
- 2000 - 2009 Working as a farrier (horseshoer) and studying relationship between man an animal
- 2010 Getting back into the healingbusiness with focus on making people aware their own power and infinite ability to make a change in the world and in their own life
- Healing the animal and it`s owner at the same time is a very smooth lifechanging exsperience giving us an understanding of oneness